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Our Food

Gary Danko, the famous chef, once said, “Madeleine Kaufman taught me that there is chef cooking which is done mostly by men, and there is home cooking, which is done mostly by women, who could take humble ingredients and make something wonderful from them.” This is truly exemplified by Executive Chef Kiran Verma’s style. She buys fresh ingredients and cooks them with herbs and condiments, rather than heavy spices and rich sauces. This approach for food and cooking has always been a part of her life. Not only does she put her heart and soul into this, but also it is such a fulfilling experience to see how she feeds her guests as if they are part of her family.

Indian cuisine essentially has been inspired by history. The subcontinent has been host to many cultures and civilizations. It has assimilated the legacies of Aryans, Greeks, Turks, Arabs, Persians, Mughlai, and the British. While absorbing these multicultural influences, Indian cuisine has evolved over the centuries with harmony of native flavors and indigenous ingredients, incorporating the legendary spices of the south, for which European explorers had set sail to discover this enchanted land. The cuisine is as diverse as its people, thus creating a true blend of various colors, textures, and flavors. Our tastes vary from the subtle, with touches of saffron, cloves, and cardamom, to the adventurously fiery vindaloo. Come and explore the exotic flavors of Ashiana, where we present to you exquisite North Indian Mughlai and Tandoori preparations. Here are our foods menu for Private Parties.


It is our belief that a meal is a celebration; a celebration of the day’s hard work done well; a celebration of life and all its accomplishments; a celebration of time to be together with friends and family to share the love and joy. It is our passion to create and offer you the ambiance and the meal to satisfy your senses and nourish your body. Much painstaking effort and care goes into selecting fresh ingredients, blending them with rare spices and then cooking them to create the unique Ashiana cuisine.

Bon Appetit
Every evening our guests have an opportunity
to enjoy the best of of our chef’s sampler menu.

To Order
A traditional Indian meal at home consists of bread, rice, lentils, a vegetable preparation, and a non-vegetarian dish.

All items are cooked as they are ordered, so please allow extra time.